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Perkins, a renowned power generation firm, provides engine solutions that improve dependability while lowering operating costs. Perkins engine portfolio currently corresponds with different client demands, thanks to a heritage of success. Product reliability has been reinforced by advancements in design and production methods, cementing Perkins reputation for longevity. The company’s devotion to innovation assures outstanding performance and longevity, benefiting a variety of sectors. Precision engineering by Perkins fulfills changing client expectations while keeping the brand’s reputation of durability and dependability, creating new standards in the power generating sector.

Perkins 1103A-33TG1

42 KWM AT 1500 RPM
51 KWM AT 1800 RPM

Perkins 1103A-33TG2

55 KWM AT 1500 RPM
65 KWM AT 1800 RPM

Perkins 1106A-70TAG2

144.1 KWM NET POWER @ 1500 RPM
164 KWM NET POWER @ 1800 RPM

Perkins 1104A-44TG2

73 KWM AT 1500 RPM
90 KWM AT 1800 RPM

Perkins 1104C-44TAG2

98 KWM 1500 REV/MIN
112 KWM 1800 REV/MIN

Perkins 1506A-E88TAG3

250 KWM NET POWER @ 1500 RPM
284 KWM NET POWER @ 1800 RPM

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