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KOBELCO is a global brand, well-known in the construction equipment industry, particularly for its excavators. KOBELCO excavators are designed to deliver high performance for digging, trenching, and various earthmoving tasks. Dai Lieng Machinery Sdn. Bhd. is has been KOBELCO authorised dealer and service center in Sabah and Sarawak for over 30 years, offering a comprehensive range of excavators and crawler cranes to cater to different project requirements. More durable than ever, KOBELCO Generation-10 excavators emphasis on fuel efficiency, operator’s comfort, and ease of maintenance to minimize downtime.

Kobelco Excavator-sk35sr-6

SK35SR / SK50P

Bucket Capacity: 0.11㎥
Engine Power: 18.1 kW at 2400min-1
Operating Weight:
Canopy: 3610KG
Cab: 3770KG

Kobelco Excavator-sk50p-6

SK50P-6 (Canopy / Cabin)

Bucket Capacity: 0.14㎥
Engine Power: 29.6 kW at 2400min-1
Operating Weight:
Canopy: 4720KG

Kobelco Excavator SK75-11


Bucket Capacity: 0.40㎥
Engine Power: 44.4 kW at 2,100min-1
Operating Weight:

Kobelco Excavator SK130XDL-10 Product of Dai Lieng Machinery


Bucket Capacity: 0.45㎥
Engine Power: 74kW at 2000min-1
Operating Weight:
15,000KG – 15,700KG
(Protection Guard is optional)

Kobelco Excavators-sk200xdl-10


Bucket Capacity: 0.93㎥
Engine Power: 118kW at 2000min-1
Operating Weight:

Kobelco Excavator SK350LC-10


Bucket Capacity: 1.7㎥
Engine Power: 200kW at 2100min-1
Operating Weight:

Kobelco Excavators SK380XDLC-10


Bucket Capacity: 1.9㎥
Engine Power: 200kW at 2100min-1
Operating Weight:

Kobelco- Excavator sk500xdlc-10


Bucket Capacity: 2.1㎥
Engine Power: 257kW at 1850min-1
Operating Weight:

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