Piasau Engineering Sdn. Bhd is located in Miri, Sarawak. Our nature of business is in maintenance and service of spare parts mainly the cylinder head, which used on buses, trucks, construction machinery, generator set etc. We have been operating for more than 10 years with a refine target and goal. Piasau Engineering Sd. Bhd. offers you the most favorable price with excellent quality and providing the customer service sales platform. we strive to maintain good relations with our customers and associates, both local and aboard for mutual benefit and common development


Our services

Skimming of Cylinder Head, Block, Manifold, etc

Counter-Boring Cylinder Block liner projection

Repair worn out cylinder block surface caused by overheating

Inserting Cylinder Block Liner Projection

Insert Gear Box Bearing Sleeve

Regrinding of Crankshaft

High Pressure Cylinder Head Testing

Welding and Boring Cylinder Block Main Journal

Inserting and Honing Steering Box Sleeve

Regrinding Roller Rubber Taper Nex Seat (For Plastic)

Service and Repair Steering Box

Replacement of Injector Sleeve

Refacing of Cylinder Head Valve

Fitting Cylinder Head Valve Clearance

Reseating Cylinder Head Valve Seat

Insert Heat Exchanger Copper and Steal Housing Sleeve

Inserting Cylinder Block Liner O'Ring Sleeve

Inserting Cylinder Head Valve Guide

Replacement of Arm Bushing, Con Rod Bushing, Bent Jack, etc

Reboring of Cylinder Block Liner

Contact Us


Lot 1483, Piasau Utara, Piasau Jaya Industrial Estate, 98009 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Tel: (+60)85-668090
Email: pesb@piasau.com.my
Website: Piasau Engineering

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