Parts Executive / Customer Service Representative – BTV


  • To develop and execute sales strategies to achieve parts sales targets and revenue goals within the assigned territory
  • To identify sales opportunities and cultivate relationships with existing and potential customers, including dealers, fleet operators, and independent repair facilities
  • To promote company’s parts portfolio, promotions, and value-added services to meet customer needs and maximize sales opportunities
  • To monitor parts inventory levels, demand patterns, and stock availability to ensure optimal inventory levels and availability
  • To coordinate with logistics and distribution teams to facilitate timey replenishment of parts inventory minimize stockouts
  • To implement inventory control measures and best practices to optimize inventory turnover and minimize obsolescence
  • To provide exceptional customer service and support to address inquires, technical questions, and parts requests from customers
  • To collaborate with service technicians and engineers to diagnose parts-related issues and recommend appropriate solutions
Job Location: Bintulu
Job Type: Permanent
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