Cost Analyst Senior Executive


  • To improve operations by bringing a systematic approach to the effectiveness of cost management, to help to audit costs/ expenses and find ways to make operations more cost- efficient for continuous business performance
  • To understand the cost analysis scope, study business costs/ expenses and annual plans
  • To gather financial data ( e.g. Sales, purchases, inventory, labour costs, overheads etc) and analyse it to uncover inefficiencies through estimate production costs and track the changes in regular costs for new products or processes
  • To determine standard costs to actual costs and comparing budgets with actual expenses for variance analysis
  • To audit and highlight to management if any significant changes in products or processes that affect cost- efficiency
  • To suggest cost- reducing or profitable solutions to management
  • To make recommendations to the management which area require to improve of the cost control SOP
Job Location: Miri
Job Type: Permanent
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